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Track the most important immune marker at home.

Athelas lets you take a monthly, weekly, or even daily drop sample and track your White Blood Cell count (WBC). WBCs are the most important marker in Leukemia, during Chemotherapy, Inflammation and so much more. Read more below.

No Credit Card Required. First test at home for free. $15/mo after.

White Blood Cells and Leukemia

Leukemia is caused by a rise in the number of white blood cells in your body.
In a leukemia patient, the white blood cell count goes from 5k-8k all the way up to 50k-80k. Athelas can help detect this rise in white blood cell count, informing you early of any potential risk.

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How it works

First take a prick from your finger. Then load up the Athelas test strip with the drop, our microfluidic channel will draw in the fluid. Finally, put the strip back in box, and drop in mailbox. We'll send you a comprehensive WBC report within hours of receiving it.

Monitor Leukemia, Infection, Inflammation from home.

The White Blood Cell count indicates immune health, the progression of Leukemia, certain Cancer relapses, and much more. Use Athelas to monitor recovery from Chemotherapy, relapse of disease, or detect Leukemia early in someone at risk.

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The power of deep learning and computer vision: highly accurate.

We make the basic blood count an order of magnitude better in speed and cost. But most importantly, our test is clinically validated performing at FDA-defined correlation to gold standard counts.

Fully HIPAA-compliant and DICOM-adhering, we make your life simple.