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Athelas works on problems at the unique confluence of computer science, biology, and machine learning. Our team's background includes research at Stanford, work in the robotics industry, published papers in Nature + Science. We're backed by some of the top VCs in the valley, and looking to add to our founding team.


Join us and work on a device that's already run thousands of blood tests and is quietly transforming the dynamics of blood count diagnostics.


Software Engineer

Work on our backend, mobile, and data-processing stack. Create interfaces and features for users + doctors in our mobile applications and web portals. Experience in Javascript, Python, C. (React, Python web frameworks)

email resume and projects to: founders [at] getathelas.com

Hardware Engineer

Work on our device EE stack. Build out low-cost, resilient hardware that is deployed on field in monthly cycles. Experience with microcontrollers, software, servo-control, firmware, circuit design, electrical engineering.

email resume and projects to: founders [at] getathelas.com

Business Development (Medical)

Work on our marketing, strategy, and business development in the medical community as we roll out the Athelas device. Looking for a hire with 5+ years of experience in medical sales/bizdev.

email resume and projects to: founders [at] getathelas.com