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AnnouncementResearch: Athelas presenting paper at 2017 MDS Conference

A simple and rapid

blood test for anyone, anywhere.


A Breakthrough in Computer Vision

Athelas uses the novel approach of deep learning to automatically analyze blood cells in seconds. Our algorithms are trained to differentiate cell morphology and pick up on nucleation features.

This automation technique lets us perform an array of blood tests on drop samples of blood accurately, rapidly, and for a fraction of existing costs.

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How it works

A smart diagnostic for every appointment

Save thousands of dollars in long-term care. Catch infections, inflammations, malignancies and more at their earliest with a cheap, benchmarking blood count.

Insights in moments for every patient. No more “considering” a blood lab, just take a lightweight one for anyone you want, within minutes.

20x faster, 20x cheaper, equally accurate.

We make the basic blood count an order of magnitude better in speed and cost. But most importantly, our test is clinically validated performing at FDA-defined correlation to gold standard counts.

Fully HIPAA-compliant and DICOM-adhering, we make your life simple.