The next generation of immune monitoring.

Neutrophils, Lymphocytes, Platelets, WBCs, Morphology, and Cell Activation all withinminutes from afingerprick of blood.

Investigational device platform undergoing FDA review.

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How It Works

Three simple steps for seeing your results.


Simple Finger Prick

Place a fingerprick of blood on the Athelas test strip.


Run Your Test

Insert the test strip into the Athelas device.


View Your Results

Within minutes, receive WBC and Neut% results.

For Oncologists
Haematology monitoring for Oncology patients.

Monitor patient WBC and Neutrophil % parameters.

For Life Sciences
Unprecedented data for better cancer trials

Monitor WBC and Neutrophil parameters, and conduct smarter trials through Athelas' monitoring platform and millions of patient datapoints.

For Patients
Gain peace of mind

Athelas, helps you track your white blood count, and neutrophils.

Externally Validated

Precision and Accuracy

We take accuracy and transparency seriously. Read our third-party clinical white paper on the accuracy of our capillary WBC and Neutrophil results versus venous blood samples on the Sysmex XE-5000.

Working with the FDA from Day One

At home, on the field, or in the doctor's office - Athelas protects those you love. Externally validated, and undergoing the FDA Class 2 Clearance process, our results are safe and reliable.

Data and Discovery Transparency

View our data and results

At Athelas, we believe all our data should be publicly accessible. As such, you can see results from all our clinical trials on sample precision, accuracy, and more.

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