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NEWIntroducing Screen. $15/mo at-home testing.

Monitor immune health from home.

Athelas determines White Blood Cell counts to monitor and flag diseases. Clinically Validated.

Track infection and White Blood Cell trends.

The WBC (White Blood Cell count) is a powerful clinical marker used to identify infection, monitor inflammation, and screen for Leukemia.

Athelas is a low-cost device that generates this count from a drop of blood within your home. Our computer vision algorithms analyze blood morphologies, determining the presence and concentrations of cells.

The device has been clinically validated1 and uses components under FDA Class 1 pre-clearance.2

Use it to monitor your chemotherapy, track an infection/inflammation, and determine immune strength during immunosuppressing cancer treatments in seconds.


Take a drop, place it on a test strip. 2 minutes later, blood test results on a phone. A modern day thermometer for immune health.

A weekly check-in, a monthly screen - all possible within the comfort of a home. Use Athelas to monitor your White Blood Cell count and flag when it's out of range. It's a clinical-grade report - one that's been used for decades - now in the palm of your hands.

Athelas is rapid and portable like a modern-day thermometer. But it's capable of giving deep insights about your immune system - the White Blood Cell count is powerful enough to monitor chronic illness and broad enough to flag inflammation and general infection.


Too many treatable diseases are caught late.

An early diagnosis is as good as a cure. Monitoring blood count trends can enable patients to flag and classify conditions months earlier; allowing doctors to take a deep dive when results are flowing out of range. Just watching symptoms (the only thing patients can do today) is unreliable, non-specific, and often simply too late.

Athelas is that tool; patients have already been flagged for Leukemia, Infection, and low White Blood Cells using it.