About The Team
At Athelas we're working to bring simple and life-changing health care solutions to people around the globe

Our Manifesto

Developing any healthcare product is an inherent commitment to accuracy and transparency

From day one, we’re putting out a manifesto of openness regarding our operations. Furthermore, we have embraced (and will continue to) the FDA with open arms. Our goals as organizations are aligned; hence, it is our job to make it easy for the regulatory body to conduct due diligence. So here are our core beliefs:

Device accuracy data is open and public.
Data collected regarding production device trials, accuracies, and comparisons to gold standards will immediately be made public. It’s useless to us if our device doesn’t meet gold standard accuracies and dangerous for users. Thus, we want to be held fully accountable by the public - ultimately the people who will define the worth of our company. Please view the Publications section of our website for recurrently updated archives of data.
A commitment to open sourcing our technologies and methodologies.
Competitive innovation only results in betterment for the end user and the world overall. When we’re working on something that’s going to eventually affect millions every single day, we want the best possible technology in-place for everyone: not necessarily just our company’s users. Thus, from day one, our commitment is to de-privatize key components of our IP over time so that the field as a whole can move forward. Everyone benefits when we’re open with the way we progress. We put our confidence in the fact that Athelas will continue to innovate at a rate fast enough that even by opening big chunks of our methodologies and techniques over time, we’ll remain the choice for customers. We’re incredibly lucky to have investors who share this vision - it’s a risky one, but one we’re confident will pay it’s dividends for us as a company by forcing innovation.
Scientific innovation and sound research methodologies above all else.
We believe companies fail when they stop innovating and focus on peripheral metrics. The key will always be making devices that can do more; faster, cheaper, and more intelligently than anything else ever built. In order to ensure this, we need to place our focus on innovating. At the end of the day our belief is that the market will inherently embrace the best technology.
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